Mid-A Final JNQ Points List !

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Congratulations to all of the athletes who have qualified for this years Mid-Atlantic Junior National Team. 

Athletes in RED are qualified. * Additional athletes who are under the point standard and qualification standard are alternates and will be notified if a qualified athletes declines. This is the case only in the U16 Men and U18/20 men. No athletes in the U16 Women or U18/20 women meet this criteria. 

Some important info for athletes and parents: 

Athletes must confirm participation by registering via ski reg and paying the deposit amount: Trip Confirmation and Deposit deadline Sunday 2/4 at 9pm !

Athletes and Parents will be notified via e-mail on Monday February 5th of the final trip cost. Final payment must be postmarked and sent to the NYSSRA Treasure no later than Saturday February 10th. Estimated trip cost is $1,750.00 plus airfare. 

Athletes are responsible for booking plane tickets to and from Salt Lake City Utah. Athletes should plan to arrive Saturday March 3rd and Depart Sunday March 11th. Transportation will be provided to and from the airport. Athletes must arrive before 10pm on Saturday and depart no earlier than 6am on Sunday. If an athletes decides to travel outside of these times team transportation may not be available. If you have any questions regarding travel please contact Jason and or Margaret.    

Athletes need a USSA Competitive U16 and older license to compete 

Athletes need a NYSSRA Nordic membership

Athletes new to the team must purchase a Mid-A race suit or acquire one to race. Athletes can purchase a Mid-A jacket but this is not required. 

Team Store: Team Store  Closes Sunday  Febuary 11th. 

If you have any questions please contact Margaret and or Jason 

Rochester JNQ Points

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Congratulations to everyone who raced at Rochester this past weekend !

Lake Placid JNQ Points

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The races from Lake Placid have been scored. Please see below to download or view file 

Thanks to coach  Margaret Maher as always for the time in scoring these races.

Estimated Trip Cost and Travel Dates for JN's 2018

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The estimated trip cost per athlete is $1,750.00 additional expenses not figured in to the trip cost:  Airfare, USSA Membership, and Mid-A uniform. Official housing and meals with start with dinner on Saturday March 3rd and run through Sunday morning March 11th. Transportation for athletes will be from Salt Lake City Airport March 3rd and back to Salt Lake City Airport March 11th. Official travel guidelines will be posted ASAP including arrival and departure time windows. We will be staying at the Homestead Resort and will be bringing our own chefs to provide all meals.    

Updated Mid-A Junior National Team Qualification

posted Jan 10, 2018, 10:45 AM by Jason Hettenbaugh

Due to the Gore Mountain JNQ race cancellations this past weekend the JNQ committee has been forced to alter the qualifying process for the Mid-Atlantic Junior National Team, the NY Eastern High School Championship Team, and the NY U16 Championship Team.

There are now 4 JNQ qualifiers available (on two weekends).  Lake Placid will host JNQ’s on January 20th and 21st and Rochester will host JNQ’s on the 27th and 28th.  Athletes who wish to qualify for the JN team will need to compete in 3 of 4 JNQ’s.

Athletes who wish to compete at EHSC’s will need to race 2 and U16’s will need to complete at least 1 JNQ.

Athletes who wish to substitute points from out of region Eastern Cups may do so, BUT they may not substitute their attendance.  In other words….you have to still be at the Mid-A JNQ’s, but if you have a bad race, you can substitute points from a better day out of region.

The JNQ registration links can be found here:

Lake Placid (both days are available at this link)

Rochester: and

Mid-A Handbook and Race Info Posted

posted Dec 20, 2017, 6:52 AM by Jason Hettenbaugh

The 2018 Mid-Atlantic handbook and race information has been updated! Please select from the navigation menu to view information. 

Mid-A Final Rankings List

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Please follow the links below to view the final rankings list. 

Athletes that have officially qualified for the team are listed in RED. In the U18/U20 mens age group athletes above the allotted number of participants allowed by USSA have met the Mid-A standard of 300 points or less. If an athlete listed in red declines his nomination that nomination will be extended to the next athlete on the list who has meet the Mid-A standard of 300 until the allotment becomes full or we reach an athlete that has not met the point standard. 

Athletes who accept there nomination must follow go to the skireg link listed and complete the required information as well as pay a $100 non-refundable deposit by 8pm on January 29th. Final trip payment will be on or before February 5th. Additional payment information and trip info will be e-mailed out to athletes on or before February 1st. 

Ski-Reg link for team acceptance and deposit.

Estimated trip cost is $1,600.00 for athletes who do not attend Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, or Keene public high school or have a legal full time residence in those school districts. Estimated trip cost for athletes who attend Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, or Keene public high school or have a legal full time residence in those school districts is $1150.00 the difference in price is due to the lodging cost at the OTC. Athletes not staying at the OTC are paying for meals and usage of the OTC. This is just an estimate and will go up or down based on the final number of athletes who accept nominations. 

Final Rankings 

U16 Females

U16 Males

U18/20 Females

U18/20 Males 

If you have any questions regarding the team naming or trip please e-mail Margaret and Jason 


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Please follow the links below or you can view the files in the file cabinet section of this website. 

Day 1: Results 

Day 2: Results 

The Mid-A committee hopes to have the overall ranking list completed and a team naming within a few days. Please keep your eyes on this website if you are interested in competing at Junior Nationals as a lot of information will be forth coming over the next few days and deadlines will be associated with some of the postings. 
* Due to the change from Classic to Freestyle on Sunday the team naming will be based on an athletes top 3 results regardless of the technique used. 


Old Forge JNQ Points

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Gore JNQ Results

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JNQ Scored Points Races

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