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J1 Men Previewing The Course
2013 Fairbanks Alaska

Mid-A Points Explained:

The Mid-A Points system is a ranking system that uses the same calculations as USSA Points.  A skier’s best 3 races for the season are used to determine Mid-A Points. See www.ussa.org for further research.

Important Terms:

Penalty (or Base):
Take the USSA or Mid-A points of the top 5 skiers in the race.
(350 Points will be assigned to athletes without USSA or Mid-A Points)  
Sum the best 3 of these points then divide by 3.75. This is the calculated race penalty.
Mid-A Points List:
For Mid-A Points, the F-factor is: Individual starts = 800, Mass/Wave Starts: 1400, Sprints: 1200.
Distance Race Points: For Mass Start, Wave Start and Individual Start races. ((Tx-To)/To) x F + P, where Tx=time of competitor being scored; To=time of winner, and F=F-factor and P=penalty.
Junior National Qualification Points List 

Points as of 12/28/2019