TOKO Facebook Contest !

Post date: Jan 11, 2012 1:26:14 AM


Mid-Atlantic Junior Skiing is asking for your support!

TOKO has recently introduced a contest on Facebook asking the following


What division has the most fun Cross Country ski Junior Olympic team? The

winning division gets $2000 worth of Toko wax and tools! Contest ends

January 12, 2012

Yes you are reading that correctly $2,000 worth of wax. That is more than

our entire wax budget at Junior Nationals !

By logging in to your Facebook account and pasting the following URL in to

your browse:**questions/284855611558915/<>

and voting for Mid-A you can do your part.

You may also visit the TOKO US facebook page or search for TOKO US to gain

access to the question and competition.

You can help support our Junior National Skiers this year in Salt Lake


If you do not have a Facebook account you can still help by passing along

this e-mail to friends, family, and others who can vote. They do not need

to be skiers they just need to support Mid-A and New York State Nordic

Skiing !!

Thanks for your support:

Jason Hettenbaugh

Mid-Atlantic XC