JNQ Schedule


2023-2024 Junior National Qualification Schedule 

Athletes will need to compete in 3 out of the 6 qualifying races. Athletes must use 1 classic and 1 skate result to make up their 3 race average. Athletes can compete in all 6 races but an athletes ranking will be based on top 3 results in any combination but as stated above at minimum 1 result from each technique must be used. 

The Mid-Atlantic Junior National Qualifiers will be as follows 

January 6th and 7th Gore Mnt JNQ

January 20th and 21st  Mnt Van Hoevenberg Lake Placid  ( USST Super Tour ) 

You will need a USSA License to race in this event as well as junior nationals so just get a competitive license now. 


February 3rd and 4th Mnt Van Hoevenberg Lake Placid   ( in conjunction with Empire State Games ) 

5/10km Skate Mass (they have 5/20km) Saturday 

5/7.5km Classic Mass Sunday 


March 9th - 17th Junior Nationals Mnt Van Hoevenberg  Lake Placid 


NENSA Eastern Cup Schedule